A Mother’s Heart

Ssshh... Hush now... That's right baby, close your eyes. I've got you. Mhmmm, Hmmm Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound   The child drifted off into a deep slumber. As I sat there rocking that child, tears formed in my eyes. I was a mother, a despondent mother for tomorrow I knew my life would change … Continue reading A Mother’s Heart


Soft & Smooth

Lotion From the tip of his soft head to his tiny little feet.   Lotion It moisturizes his fat body.   Lotion It protects his new soft skin.   Lotion My, Oh my, how he squeals in laughter as I rub.   Lotion On his body.   Lotion His chubby hands knock over the bottle … Continue reading Soft & Smooth

The Race

  Have you ever read a book that you didn’t want to put down? A book that changed your entire life? For me this book is The Race, by Della Loreda. It’s an amazing allegory of the christian walk similar to the Pilgrim’s Progress. The Race is a modern and up-to date version of Christian’s … Continue reading The Race