Keep It Inside…

Keep it in Up against the wall... Oooohhh Aaaahhhh Never a tear shed Screaming but nothing is heard My Heart is bleeding But no one knows I keep it to myself To protect others from pain Its better to hurt inside Then to crush others Keep it in... Keep it in... Thats why Im up … Continue reading Keep It Inside…


Beautiful Chocolate Skin

I. love. black. men. Gorgeous dark skin men. Their beautiful chocolate skin. Their strong will. The security you feel in their arms. Black men are beautiful. Strong. Handsome. Talented. Irreplaceable. I. Love. Black. Men. (I don't own this photo however I don't remember where I got it.... Pinterest somewhere. Sorry!)


Is there something wrong with me? Am I that scarred from my past? I want to change To be normal, To be understandable, But I’m not normal             And Never will be. But I want to. How?