Diversity in Classroom

“Red and yellow, black and white. All are precious in HIs sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” Jesus died for every single person on this planet, past, present, and future. Jesus died for the rich and poor, girl and boy, exceptional child and gifted child, Asian and Australian so who are we to ignore children that aren’t the same as us? As teachers we must identify diversity, acknowledge differences, and implicate resources to accommodate diversity.

I believe that I must identify the major diverse cultures, genders, and ethnicities that my students have. I must identify each quality that makes my student unique. I must realise that this one student is someone else’s whole world.  To be a good teacher I need to know that Susie comes from a family with a low income, her reading level is low-not because she is exceptional but because Spanish is her first language. I also need to know that Max is from the country of Afghanistan, from a high-income family, and is very gifted in languages. I need to know that Tom is a vegan, has two dads, and is of European heritage.

As a good teacher I will implicate my available resources and knowledge to accommodate diversity. I may notice that Susie doesn’t always have a full lunch because of her family’s low income. In order to rectify this situation I will try to set up meetings with her parents and principal for a lunch voucher. If she gets sufficient sustenance during the day it will help increase her concentration and study habits. I could also pair Max with Susie to increase both students’ knowledge in English & Spanish. As a good teacher embracing diversity would make sure that Max’s country was appreciated and not feared. Max may be embarrassed about his culture because of the negative media attention that it has gotten. So in order for him to be proud of his country and the children not fearful of him, I would make his country the focal point of the day, showing the beauty and culture of the area. Hopefully by doing this activity it will show all students that every culture is unique and special.

For Tom I would be careful how I reference parents and guardians. I must try to incorporate his family’s lifestyle as well. If I have pizza as an award or party food, I’ll need to be aware of his special vegan options and health needs. As a caring teacher I will acknowledge his unique situation and cater to him. I know what its like to have people cater to my vegetarian food preferences. When people go out of their way and remember it made me feel special and cared for. I want to make the same impression on my student.

To be a great teacher I must acknowledge my students unique qualities that make them diverse. Each child will have a different set of multiple intelligences that they connect with. I will have to incorporate each in my lesson plan so that they will learn effectively. I also will have to acknowledge and address different likes and dislikes concerning subjects of study. I will have to address and plan accordingly how I will set up my classroom to address the needs of disabled students with easy access and clear pathways if need be. I also need to be aware that some children are shorter than others and place items that should be easily accessible to students at a lower level and provide stools for out-of-reach items. As an effective teacher I must implement all these different tactics and ideas to make sure all my students feel welcome and are excited to learn in this creative learning space.



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