Classroom Organization & Management

Type, swipe, click, press; sounds of a busy classroom? Yes! In today’s world there is much less pencil scratching, paper crumpling, and eraser swooshing. Technology has invaded the classroom and transformed the way students learn and teachers teach. I have done many hours of observations and have been introduced to different technology and applications that can be used in a classroom.

Technology is defined as “machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge” (  Many classrooms, especially in Huntsville, Alabama, have become totally technology based. All of the students are provided tablets or laptops for class work. Technology is also the use of cameras, cell phones, internet, social media, computers, calculators, and applications in the classroom. As an effective teacher I will find different ways to incorporate these beneficial resources into my lesson plans and classroom activities.

While doing some research I discovered an E-Resource that I could really use in the future. It is called Engineering is Elementary. It’s an online curriculum that has already made lesson plans and corresponding activities both online and printable materials to better teach the lesson.

Along with E-Resources, I can use my creative mind to come up with activities that use the camera for self-made movies and pictures for classroom decor and learning experiences. I also found unique apps that I would love to use in the future. One app that could be used for a fun team or group selector is one that works on the iPad, “Classroom Team Selector.” It randomly selects the children’s names you input and the children will be very excited to see how it works.

Classroom management is one of the most important aspects of teaching. One way to keep a classroom managed is by using this app called the Too Noisy App. What it does is collect the noise inputted in the microphone and the radar calculates the noise level. If the students’ noise goes over a certain level the smiley face becomes a frowning face. When the students realize they are too loud they will hopefully correct their behavior.

Another app that I’m sure I’ll use is Bluster! This app is for students to practice with words such as rhyming and word matching game. Spelling City, an app that I would use to help them expand their vocabulary.

However the use of technology in the classroom goes far beyond applications. Calculators are technology, and when used correctly can be great tools that help not hinder learning. Showing videos pertaining to a particular subject during class is a good use of technology because different multiple intelligences are benefited. I however do not want technology to be used as a lazy teacher crutch. I want to be an excited, engaged teacher who uses these resources as tools and not a cane to lean on.

Not only does using technology in the classroom become an effective tool to give variety in the classroom but it is also a way to connect students with the global world. Students can learn about the bigger picture on their fingertips like never before. Technology is both beneficial and frightening, but as an effective teacher I will find balance to create a harmonious classroom.


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