An Hereditary Meritocracy

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Money, money, money. Money opens the way for power and greater opportunities. Money opens the door for more sophisticated education. Money is power, whether we like it or not, and the article reflected on how money has changed our society and the way America works.

America is supposed to be a land of equal opportunity. Anyone can have to resources and ability to succeed is the foundation upon which the American society was built. The rich are getting richer and the gap between social classes is increasing. There are now more individuals born into wealthier situations and thus continuing the cycle of wealthy birth, higher education, great jobs, build onto the wealth, and continue to teach their children these values.

For me the most important element that the whole article hinged on was this,“more than ever before, America’s elite is producing children who not only get ahead, but deserve to do so: they meet the standards of meritocracy better than their peers, are thus worthy of the status they inherit.” So our children are smart and deserve to get rich and make money however our lower socioeconomic class is falling farther behind and the gap between the two is widening. Initially I had never thought about this subject or even considered it to be a problem for our economy and democracy but reading this I realised that it has potential for danger.

The problem I face is how do we close the gap? I believe one way to deal with the educational systems problem is to have each state gather all the property taxes and give them out equally.  If a neighborhood with high property value pays high taxes and their local school benefits, that school will have up-to-date technology, good buildings, and sufficient resources. If a neighborhood with low property value is funding their school it will have low amounts of money trickling in therefore continuing the cycle. As a future teacher and as a next step, I want to make it my duty to change how our schools get funded. I want to make changes because that is the only way it will happen. I want to make change!




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