My Past



At first it was just a slight touch.

A touch that excited me beyond imagination

That touch would


Change my entire life.



Slowly I was being sucked in.


I was mute.


Couldn’t say a word.

Nor could I scream for help.

It was as if I was drowning in my own blood.

Dying emotionally from my own choices.

I needed a way out.

I’d closed my ears to advice.

They told me the hissing was near

They told me to give up charming.

But did I listen?

Heed the warning signs?


 I continued.

And that would be my end.

I was used.



The hissing grew louder and louder

The pressure building,

Sweat began to pour down my back.

I tossed and turned

Back and forth

And jerking frightfully in my slumber.

The hiss grew nearer.

I could feel the scaly skin as it continued to wind its body around me.

I knew I would never wake up or see the next day if someone didn’t help me.

So I called on the only name I knew that had the power.



Help me out of this.

I cried.

So He sent someone.

Someone who’d warned me before.

But this time I’d listen and let go.

Someone who loved me.

Then the hissing stopped.

The grasp of the snake loosened.

I was no longer caught.

No longer tangled in a mess.

I was free.

No longer bound.

I drifted back to sleep

Finally at peace.


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