I Am A Writer

I am a Writer. I didn’t know that till just a short while ago. It occurred to me like this. I walked into this English classroom. I didn’t know what to expect and kind of dreaded the immense amount of work that I was sure to come.  I imagined many sleepless nights, racking my brain for rhyming words and alliterations. I began to envision the professor as one with a huge mole on her right cheek, and an exceedingly crooked tooth that I would stare at incessantly and therefore forget the assignments. I was absolutely terrified that my poems would be critiqued, edited, revised, and basically shunned all because I knew I was not a writer. Don’t get me wrong, I have written many a paper, essay, poem, etc. but I never really got critiqued on the creativeness of my piece. I was scared beyond imagination.

Then she came. She walked in and instructed us to fix the desks in a circle. To my surprise there was no mole and no cracked, witch-tooth jutting from her mouth. Just a woman who would allow me to express and hone my creative writing soul. Poem after poem, story before play, I worked hard, but most surprisingly I enjoyed it. It seemed as though the thoughts and feelings I kept bottled up were now floating off my chest onto paper. Not only did I not have sleepless nights struggling to finish assignments for this class, but I also wrote more stories and poems for my blog, www.itsjazzysworld.com.

Never in a million years would I have thought that this class would make such a huge, life-changing impact on my life. This class has not only helped me create better work for my other classes by learning how to critique my own work, but it has also given me the groundwork and building blocks for writing my own book series for my new upcoming project, God’z Girlz. God’z Girlz is a ministry for young ladies, teaching them how to take care of their bodies, love themselves, know their worth, and impact other lives for good. I want to write a devotional book, an autobiographical testimony, and workbooks for the seminars and retreat weekends.

I also want to be able to facilitate the young ladies to write their own stories and compile a devotional book for them, by-them as well. In order to do this, I will give them the tips that I have learned from this class. To the young people I will tell, follow your heart because that is what needs to be said. Poems have their own message, let them tell you what that is. Be your own critic. Read aloud your work, does it make sense? Does your poem or work answer potential questions your reader might have? But most of all, you are a writer. I am a writer. I am an excited, imaginative, novice writer who believes God has given her a gift that she must share with the world.


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