Love-It’s A Funny Thing

Love: its a funny thing


I hate it


I love it


One minute I want to dedicate my sole existence to the life of another.

Another minute I want to completely live solely for myself.


I hate love because love hurts

love brings tears

love brings sadness

love brings hatred

love brings cussing

love brings cynicism

I hate love


I love love.

love brings smiles

love brings happiness

love brings joy

love brings peace

love brings kissing

I love love.


So why is this thing called love so complicated?

Why does it foster such fear within me?

Why is it so daunting and scary to me?

Why can’t I jump in to love?

Why can’t I submit myself to the healing power of love?

Why can’t i give love to someone else?

Why do I shut love out?


Its simply this.

Love is dangerous.

It can make you believe the world is a happy place

But it can also make you believe that everyone is out to do you wrong

Love not only pierces your heart,

It sews it right back up.

And only the ones you love hurt you the most.

Love is a painful, frightening, thing



although I hate love


I love love too.


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