Strong, Black

Interesting, Greying, Inspiring

United States of America Head of State


I wrote this poem for my Creative Writing class. Some of the critiques of the poem were that, I wouldn’t have used interesting to describe Barack Obama. 

I was almost startled at their disagreement with me! One girl said, Barack Obama isn’t interesting, but President Barack Obama is. He doesn’t climb mountains or deep-sea dive. 

From that point, I said its just a matter of a difference of opinion. What you may find interesting and what I find awesome are totally different things. See I find it interesting that he was born in Hawaii, a place that I would love to visit! I find it super interesting that he was a civil rights lawyer and a teacher! HE WAS A TEACHER! If you didn’t know already, that’s what I’ve been going to school for so that’s pretty interesting to me.

Another aspect of his life that is interesting to me is that even though his father was not a part of his life growing up, he seems to be an amazing dad to his beautiful daughters.

Both the president and the man, President Barack Hussein Obama II is an interesting, accomplished, inspiring role model for me. 

God bless America.



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