So There’s This Guy

So there’s this guy


He’s perfect for me.


He’s adventurous,

He’s strong.

He’s passionate…

He’s affectionate

He’s tender

He’s a student.

He strives to be like God!


He likes me


But again I’m scared

Terrified of what’s to come

Terrified of what may be

Terrified that I’ll get a monster instead of what I see

Terrified that I will become someone he hates


Someone that doesn’t live up to his standards

Someone that isn’t right for him.

Someone that can’t compare to his mother.

Someone that will fail him.

Someone that will cause too much heartache for him.

Someone that will hurt him.


But I like him.


And for that sole reason,

I desire to be around him,

Even though I know that I may hurt him.


Is it selfish for me to not let go?

To not leave him alone?

To not cook for him?

To not kiss him?

To not share dreams with him?

To not get advice from him?


Should I stop?


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