Thanksgiving for Selfish People

On Thanksgiving Day I went to feed the homeless at this church. But something really got under my skin. I wasn’t allowed to give the homeless people second plates until the volunteers had eaten!!!!!!

My understanding was that this breakfast was FOR THE HOMELESS not the church folk. The church folk has huge plans to stuff their faces later. I literally snuck plates n lied to get more food for them.

Parents & Grandparents, the older generation of the church, you all wonder why your children and teens leave the church? 
Believe it or not but, 
My generation is about doing things. 
We want to help out!
We want to be the change we see in the world. 
We just have different methods of getting it out there.
You think we are always on our phones and Facebook which we may be. 
But through our social media we change the world. 
At younger and younger ages we have the ability to change our communities and our lives. 
We are tired of being confined to rules and stereotypes. 
We see corruption in the church. 
We see how marriages break apart.
We see why dads leave and mothers drink.
We see why our little sisters become whores and our brothers players.
We see these things and want to be the change.

I’ve been in the church all my life.
Almost every single church I have attended do very minimal things for the community. And praise themselves when they do.
We plan so many programs for ourselves: concerts, camp meetings, programs, dinners etc. And we use those platforms to preach about how we need to help people.

I see other churches using their buildings for good.
One church we were renting for a while used their church as a hospital.
They had a legit homeless shelter in the basement.
They hosted soup kitchens, packed shoeboxes and had mentoring and tutoring programs.
They helped people.
They did what Jesus did by…
clothing people,
loving people,
feeding people,
taking care of people.

End of the story.
We all claim the end is near
So who are u going to help!!?



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