Papier-mâché Globe

Hey guys!

A while ago I made this papier-mâché globe and I just gotta tell you how I did it cause I kinda came up with it myself which I am very proud of!!!! Alright let’s get to it!

A group of us in the Education department had to enter a competition to create the best bulletin board. It was my job to create the globe. Well I really wanted it to be 3D so I browsed Pinterest looking for an easy way. Well I couldn’t find anything compared to the size I wanted so I started shopping around to see if I could find something big enough to wrap in papier-mâché. I searched and searched till I found this exercise ball at Dick’s Sporting Goods store. It was like thirty dollars but had a duel purpose for working out and a friend bought it from me after so I believe it was a good investment!



I found a papier-mâché recipe on this site, Tipnut, . I didn’t add the glue and it still worked perfectly! I gathered tons and tons of newspaper and cut them into strips. I turned on my playlist of favorite music and got to work. It was a very messy project so I suggest lots of protection for floors, tables, and you! As an added word of wisdom, you should make sure the air hole of the ball is not covered by the newspaper, because that is how you remove the ball without destroying it. IMG_2612

I let it dry for about a day or a night I believe. I put a lot of layers about 4 i believe. If I would have added more, it may have been sturdier and less dented as you can see at the end. Anyways, when it was dry I painted the whole thing blue. I did two coats of the blue just to make sure the words on the newspaper were totally covered.



Well I don’t know how to draw but my dad, a graphic designer does so I asked him to draw a rough outline of the continents. He did and I think it turned out amazing. Now my suggestion if you don’t have an incredible artist father like I do, maybe print out a blown up copy of the world just make sure its the appropriate size and trace it onto your globe. Another member of the group, Jaquane and I painted the green inside the continents. We then carefully removed it from the ball by letting the air out of the ball. It came of fairly easily, next time I may sprinkle some flour down first though just to make it a little easier.


Another friend of mine helped with mounting it because the two of use couldn’t figure it out alone. Jaquane, Devonne, and I transported it to the bulletin board that was already set up and tried to think of ways to mount it. We ended up adding extra newspapers and filler material to help it keep it’s round shape, then stapled it to cardboard in an X fashion as well. We then stapled the cardboard to the bulletin board and it stayed. It actually stayed so well that it lasted for about a year. I mean it is kinda sad that the bulletin board wasn’t changed for a year but it speaks to the longevity of the materials used in the project. It was in direct sunlight so it did fade but never fell!

Well here are some pictures of the finished project. If I was to ever do this again, I would change a few things like dust some flour on the ball before laying down the first layer, add a few more layers of papier-mâché, stuff the inside better maybe even add some duct tape on the inside to help it hold it’s shape. Other than that I thought it was pretty successful! Tell me what you think in the comment section below! 🙂

Have a great afternoon!! Love ya’ll!




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