#1 Teacher

Laughing, learning, enjoyment, are all a part of the teaching profession and classroom learning that I believe have been pushed to the side when entering classrooms. Learning must be fun and enjoyable. Students should seek out knowledge. They should be excited about learning and want to do their own research. This is the reason I am in the education field. I want help mold inquisitive, insightful, intelligent students. In order to do this I must have these qualities to be a good teacher; passionate, caring, creative, competent, and generous.

I have a fire in my bones about teaching. I remember what it was like to sit at the desk in front of my favorite teachers, Mom and Dad. They taught me to love learning and do my best at everything. One of the things I remember the most is the passion they ignited in me to read. I wanted to read everything and anything I could get my hands on. Books had stories of animals, people, and places that I wanted to travel to, see, and meet. Books were whole other worlds I could reach just by cracking open the pages. As a teacher I want to create a love of learning by sharing with the student my excitement, my passion for learning. If I am enjoying learning in my classroom from my students, they will see by my example and want to follow in my footsteps.

I believe a teacher should be caring. If you don’t care about students you have no business being a teacher. The teaching profession is a ministry that God puts in our hearts and minds. You don’t have to be the smartest person but have to be a loving caring person so you can reach students for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Another quality that I find is imperative to being a good teacher is creativity. I love thinking outside of the box for projects going above and beyond expectations. I love color and hands-on activities. I love incorporating the different multiple intelligences in my own life to broaden my thinking skills. Because I am creative I want to share this with my students. I want to create in them creative, out-of-the box thinking skills. It will help them ignite passions for learning.

Competence is imperative for a teacher because if you don’t know what you’re talking about how will you teach students? The students are counting on me to teach them valuable information. If I don’t speak Spanish, can I teach my children correct Spanish grammar? No, not until I learn it and fully understand the language can I be an expert and share my expertise with the students. Competency is very imperative in the teaching profession.

Generosity is the last of my five main qualities a teacher should have. Since this profession is a ministry, I will be called on to exceed my qualifications or duties as a teacher. I must be willing to work with a student outside of the classroom such as tutoring. I will have to help with bake sales and fundraisers. I must be able to assist students and families alike that need food/financial assistance. I need to be generous to be an outstanding teacher. I love teaching. It is my calling. I wish to instill the love of learning in my students. I will be passionate, caring, creative, competent, and generous.  I will be a good teacher.


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